Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The end of an Era

Ava's Bar and Restaurant has lasted longer than any other place that caters to Gringos except maybe Roosters. Ava's was here when I moved down in 2005 but how long before that I don't know. I was a regular at Ava's for few years for music and get together's but didn't care much for their food. Roosters was here in 2003 but they have moved all over the area from Barra to Melaque with sometimes 2 or 3 restaurants at one time.

From what I heard Ava's moved out of their rented property to one a couple doors down last year. They renamed it Antiguo Bar Social which was a little too cute for my taste so I only stuck my head in once.  Nice palapa roof, rather narrow in front and gringos sitting at tables in front watching the world go by.   I have a hard time sitting down with gringos/anyone in a bar watching the world go by like something is going to happen .... unless maybe on the beach (grin).

So Jack is tired and kinda crazy lately.  He says running two bars is hard on the liver.  Liver has to effect the brain?  When asked if Bar Social would be open this summer he claims Ava's never closed.   Jack, Ava's closed every summer I've been here. Why, no gringos!!! Anyway, from a few weeks ago and being open all summer to now ..... Antiguo Bar Social is for sale we see that Jack is exhausted to say the least. Just another crazy old fart who needs to walk home and not drive ;)

Ava's a few years ago

A borrowed foto that I guess is very tasteful

Adios Ava's


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