Friday, June 27, 2014

Worse than it looks from here

I know we got wet here in Melaque the last few days. Just try driving around and you'll see right away. What I didn't realize was "the river" overflowed and isolated 2 communities along with flooding banana plantations. All the huge river containment work done since Jova has been upstream and alongside Cihuatlan but further along the river banks are normal. 

El Rebalse on the Jalisco side and El Centinela on the Colima side are two small communities way down stream from Cihuatlan and basically unprotected. It's not like this doesn't happen a few times a year but it's usually when a large storm comes up the coast.   Both of these are very small communities of maybe 20-30 homes and I'm not sure Centinela even has a town square

El Centinela road

El Rebalse road

Probably near El Rebalse

Rio Marabasco


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