Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thunder over the muntains

It's been booming for over an hour but it's not likely to produce any rain or weather here on the coast. WU says we might get thunder showers tomorrow and Monday but I think they mean the whole South West of Jalisco. I'm not really sure where this activity comes from but most likely moist air convection from the ocean. You see this most summer afternoons in Hawaii but the mountains there are steep and close to the ocean.


Babs said...

We have had rain every day this month. Some rains were floods, other just thunderstorms. Right this minute, there is not a cloud in the sky......that does not mean that before morning that another storm won't hit however. What a year for weather this has been!

sparks_mex said...

Most of the time we need a storm coming up the coast to get rain here ..... and the last rain was from Carlos

Steve Cotton said...

That thunderhead last night was dramatic. I noticed it when the sunset reflected off of it. As the sun went down, the lightning showed up. Quite a show. But a dry one.

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