Saturday, July 04, 2015

Cocodrilo hunting

Nahima (5 years old) wanted to go hunting for cocodrilos so we took a drive around the lagoon all the way over to the new beach camping extension at Laguna del Tules Motel. They have extended their property almost to where the lagoon gets opened when it's full. 

I didn't think we'd be lucky and early evening is probably the best time ... but I hadn't been to the lagoon for awhile and how to tell kids they won't be there. We walked along the Andador over to the ARM that Steve used to write about. Somebody has put in a little time and energy to keep the Andador clean but not much. Pretty run down but still pretty.

We came back along the beach and stopped at the Tourist Police office. We saw the water there had been almost up to the street but difficult to tell how recently. Beautiful colors in the water and a really lively waves on the bay. We were totally surprised by a wave topping the high ridge of the beach and we bolted backwards. Not dangerous but have to have extra concern with a 5 year old. The last foto is Lorena with Nahima's  sandals in one had and Nahima in the other. It was only 4-5 inches deep but did create a little lake behind the "dunes".

Towards Jaluco

Towards the beach

From Laguna del Tules at the mountains

Surprised by wave and we bolted
Wave topping the beach


Steve Cotton said...

I do miss those daily walks.

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