Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So much for those public Baños

A make work government project gone wrong

Building public bathrooms on the beach without consulting the population is not a real good idea. Above is the remains of the work started on Calle Clemente Orozco. They don't totally block beach access but the area would be closed to vehicles. The other was going to be on the street end next to Sirenitas.

The consensus was if you want to build public bathrooms at least put them in a more secure place like the Plaza. Would the beach baños be locked at sunset or would druggies and rateros have access to them all night. I'm sure the neighbors on either side want these in their front yard. It would be a full time job keeping them clean.

So all signs of the projects will be removed and the street repaired to the way it was a few months ago.

Public baños .... not everyone is pleased


Babs said...

Sheesh, what a place to put them! Glad it was stopped.......

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