Monday, September 09, 2013

A Sunday on the beach

Well actually at Las Hamacas Hotel which was cool because there was a light rain all day and the kids could play in the pool.   We choose the hotel thinking the beach would be covered with lirio from the lagoon opening.   Water looked muddy but the beach was clean.

A neighbor knows the manager of the Las Hamacas so we were welcome.   The women made a big bowl of shrimp ceviche and a large bowl of sashimi salad while the guys watched the kids in the pool and drank lots of beer.   When the food came we moved out to the beach side of the hotel across from Senior Froy's.   Some people in Froy's saw a crocodile out in the bay but it was too far away for my camera.   Weather was overcast and nice and cool.   Great day!

Back stepping to how we were going to get to the beach.   Saturday we had somewhere between 6 to 10 inches of rain and the road leaving Pinal was a mess.  My car is just too low and tired so we all jumped into Juan's pickup, 4 in front and about 8 in the back.   The first foto is actually an extension of the lagoon when we have that much rain.  The second is the main road getting close to the highway.   Easy enough for a 3/4 ton that sits up high.   Mine, no.

Pinal lagoon

Pinal road flooded

Melaque beach

Senor Froy's


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