Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tail end of Tropical Storm Manuel

We thought we had escaped the fury of Tropical Storm Manuel Sunday with almost no wind and very little rain. That was until about 10-11 last night when the heavy rain started. It rained all night and is still raining heavily off and on. The secondary school is closed and Protección Civil is warning people of possible flooding. Manuel is now Invest-91 well north of here. Below are a few photos by Dr. Roberto Pimienta Woo of the Canal on the west end this morning.

Invest-91 -- Once Manuel

Canal photo

Canal photo

Another of Melaque Centro


Andean said...

Do you know how Barra faired through the storm?

sparks_mex said...

Nobody from Barra is talking about it on TomZap. I haven't gone anywhere but will try today. We didn't have much wind so maybe the waves weren't too large.

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