Monday, September 30, 2013

Pinal Villa's yearly fiesta

Pinal Villa on the outskirts of Melaque has a yearly Peregrinacion or Pilgrimage party.   Families and organizations from neighboring communities organize the dancing and parade to the Church in Pinal Villa.   Fireworks follow the parade, dogs run and hide and children smile.   The last night, Monday the 7th of October, there will be a castillo or tower of fireworks.

The Peregrinacion, which is the interesting part, starts from the community of the group at about 6PM to arrive here at 7. General activities are from 5AM to 7PM+. Jaluco was here last night.

Sunday - Jaluco
Monday - Barra de Navidad
Tuesday - Villa Obregon
Wednesday - Ranchito
Thursday - Melaque
Friday - Bario de la Prepa
Saturday - Lazaro Cardenas
Sunday - Young people
Monday - Floats, cars, dancers and castillo

And the road grader hasn't been out so the road is crappy

Jaluco dancers arriving

Being blessed by the father in front of the church


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