Monday, September 02, 2013

Migration office to open in San Patricio, Melaque

There will be an opening of a module of the National Migration Institute (INM) which manages Cihuatlán municipality and was confirmed by the President Jesús Huerta Aguilar. 

He explained that he recently held a meeting with staff from the federal delegation of Colima State Migration , agreed to open a module in San Patricio-Melaque, in order to cater to foreigners, residents and tourists who come to this point of the South Coast of Jalisco. 

According to the Mayor of Cihuatlan, the module will start work on 9 September, in the municipal delegation of San Patricio-Melaque. "We can provide general guidance regarding paperwork requirements ... preventing them from coming to Colima." 

Miguel Salazar, federal officer of the INM, confirmed the module opening in the municipality of Cihuatlán, and will receive cases of tourists and residents of foreign origin, in relation to their immigration status and stay in this country. 

For decades Cihuatlán township has become a second home to hundreds of people from Canada, the United States and Central America, including European and Asian.


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