Thursday, February 19, 2015

A new Comex location

There seems to be a real lack of common sense when it comes to opening restaurants in this area .... or maybe all of Mexico? Or maybe it's money to burn? The Chinese place on that corner must have set a record for the shortest lived restaurant in Melaque. I doubt it lasted 5 months. Roasted chicken places open and close in less than a year. Many restaurants last awhile but are constantly playing musical chairs with locations. Part of it is situating themselves better and part is the landlord jacks the rent if he sees them making money. Pretty sad actually and I've seen some of my favorites come and go.

So Comex took advantage of the open space and moved from their hole in the wall store a few blocks toward the beach to this very visible and open store. Good move Comex, we won't have to wonder if you are there 6 months from now.


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