Friday, February 06, 2015

Papas Las Guinas in Villa Obregon

Papas Asadas Rellenas - Estilo Sinaloa

I just ran across this place today on the corner of Aberto Macias and Fco Villa in Villa Obregon. I guess the reason I didn't look sooner is the fotos I've seen of their potatoes. Even though they say "Sinaloa Style" they are nothing like what I've eaten for street food in Mazatlan. In Mazatlan the potatoes are all medium (not large) and a spoon full of crema. After that you put on whatever toppings go on their tacos which are sold from the same stand. The foto of this restaurant's potato was dripping and over flowing with way too much for me to eat in one sitting. Sign says open Monday-Saturday, 6 to10pm. 

I hear there is a "Papas Lady" on the SE corner of the Melaque Plaza - same street as the church .... and maybe a hot-dog vendor on the same corner. People have really enjoyed both so gonna have to get in there some night and check it out.


Steve Cotton said...

I was there last night. It is one of my favorite eateries in Villa Obregon.

sparks_mex said...

That foto of the papa on almost turned my stomach from it's size and all the goop on top. Too rich and too much food

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