Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Melaque Cancha de Futbol Iluminado

Pinal Villa gano el segundo lugar en la liga local de soccer

Team Pinal Villa

Jugando hasta tres en la manana

I think the only reason I heard about it is Pinal Villa won second place and my neighbor is on the team. He says there are 11 or 12 teams in the league. They all took up a collection for lighting and fencing, etc. Saturday night they finished up at 3 in the morning. Good to see the people that matter excited about that sports center. I don't know who all the teams are or if there are schedules

Another article made it sound like the Municipio of Cihuatlan was totally responsible and did not mention that all the teams chipped in to make it happen. Typical government ... but they did arrange for the installation of the lighting.


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