Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Melaque is waterlogged

Normally dry canal is full

Normally just sand and a little lagoon back 100 yards

Open to the ocean

Here is our constant battle

This water is coming from well inland just like the water in Pinal Villa and behind Jaluco. Locals say it's been 15 years since this happened. Many fields in our area are waterlogged and way to wet to plant. There are even less migrant farm workers due to the lack of crops. I don't look forward to the rainy season if the water situation we have now continues.


Steve Cotton said...

I had hoped that the water would have dispersed by now. Like you, I am getting a little nervous of what this summer's rains will bring if the runoff is still running. The laguna may turn into a permanent river.

sparks said...

A neighbor just told me they are still pumping Melaque waste water to the non-functioning waste water plant and it slowly drains back to Melaque partly on the surface and eventually in the ground. That's not the whole water issue but it contributes. More water use in the high season?

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