Thursday, March 19, 2015

San Patricio Fiesta on St. Patrick's Day

All week Nahima has been wanting to go on the small kiddie rides (juegitos) and we finally went on the last day of the fiesta (Saint Patrick's Day). I think the noise and wall to wall people over whelmed her so no rides tonight. Usually we go early during the week with a lot less people and excitement. She did play a game rolling marbles and actually won a small stuffed dog and a plaster of paris painting project. Pretty cool

I heard that Sunday or Monday the Castillo was rained out so maybe why there were two, side by side. We were on the far side of the Plaza by the school with less people and away from the crazy Toritoes. Lots of pin-wheels, rockets and two coronas as the finale. Fun night, I slept in because we didn't get back until after 1am.

Wall to wall people

Crazy ride - does 360 loops
Yari and friends

The Toritos are what we avoided. The kids would definitely be afraid but they are dangerous for anyone. I was so surprised by the great overhead fireworks at the end I totally forgot to bring out my IPhone camera. Don't remember large explosive multi-colored fireworks before.


Steve Cotton said...

It was quite a night.

sparks said...

Had a lot of fun. I read yours about getting singed but doing that once years ago was enough for me

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