Sunday, March 15, 2015

A little surf, a little view and some rain

The Skim Board competition started yesterday so we had to go see some of it. We got there before the first heat so just watched some local guys playing off to one side. After an hour and no competition we decided to move on. I didn't get any good pictures and Yari took some decent video with my cel phone but she always turns it 90 degrees so no YouTube. Lesson coming up.

Yari heard that you can see smoke from the Colima volcano from the Mirador and I knew it might be possible but it was way too overcast. Even the Volcano Cam near the volcano only shows clouds. It had been awhile since a visit to the Mirador so we drove up. Nahima was sure she could see cocodrilos down below but she sees cocodrilos anywhere there's water.

So now it's Sunday and the weather we have been anticipating is finally here. The rain has started and reports say we'll get between 2-4 inches between now and tomorrow. A very large weather system has come ashore south of us so I just hope it stays south

One skim foto

View from the Mirador

What the  weather system looked like yesterday


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