Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Melaque Lagoon

While I was waiting for new brakes at Pancho's I took a walk over to the new sports complex  to see how the lagoon is doing with all this water. I was somewhat amazed at how large it is. Area wise I'd estimate not much smaller than Laguna del Tule. It shows signs of being much drier in the past but it's been a real lagoon for at least six months.

Lots of birds of different flavors. Couldn't identify those large birds in the cow foto but lots of them. An iguana on the banks and I heard a splash that might have been a small cocodrilo or caimen, sure wasn't a big one. The cow sure is happy.

To the north

To the southwest

No lagoon without Lirio

Good cattle grazing I guess - only the one


Steve Cotton said...

Those are Mexican whistling ducks.

Steve Cotton said...

Also known as a black-bellied whistling duck.

sparks said...

Or locally known as a pichichi. The foto is a local pet but the lagoon ones looked a lot bigger?

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