Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TomZap only has Spam left

Attachment from drumstiix, the biggest Spammer
Even if it is music (his music)

Very little conversation left because most vacationers and snow-birds have gone home to avoid Semana Santa which is early this year. The usual spammers below are fishing for the last hanger-on's that are still here. Some of them are much worse than others with very few almost welcome. Just kind of pitiful to see this last minute fishing. Pretty soon it will almost  grind to a halt.
Bistro Escondido is still open
by Costa Girl

Barra Blues Band tonight! 9pm @Backstage Bar
by drumstiix

H&R Rock at Albatros
by Nancy M
by nohans
Golf Cart Rental
by D & D
by giselle
Esmeralda's Restaurant
by ladydi
Chido Rivera Band @Chido's Bar ..... CHIDO!! 
by drumstiix
BBQ DAY / Last Call @ La Oficina
by aaron
Music this week
by Lucy's Paradise


Steve Cotton said...

Probably not much worse than me stirring the pot over music and Mexican food.

sparks said...

I missed your stirring I guess

I just think it's rude of 3-5 businesses advertising day after day, week after week and year after year and never contributing anything of general community interest. SAD!

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